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True Life: I love engagement shoots

One of the biggest discoveries I have made in this business is how much I appreciate, love, and admire photographers. I mean they make my life so easy, and my photos beautiful - well, my client's photos beautiful. It's a win win for me when I have a client who purchases an engagement package. Not only are they using our product, but they are also getting their photos taken by fantastic photographers!

Engagement shoots are some of my favorite photos. It marks the beginning of the wedding planning journey: Engagement shoot > Bridal Shower > Bachelorette Party > Wedding! The cycle of wedding life I like to call it, and we like to be a part of it all!

Ashley, my best friend in the photos below, is a great example of just one of the amazing clients we have in our cycle. We did her engagement party (featured in a previous blog) and her engagement photos below. Her photographer @nicoleleever is top notch. Ashley and Chris actually traveled to Big Bear for this shoot and stood on a couple cliffs to get amazing shots.

Unfortunately, I will not be doing her wedding flowers because I am the Maid of Honor! In February we will be in Palm Springs celebrating these two love birds tying the knot!

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