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A Polo Love Affiar

Bride: Stephanie

Location: SD Polo Fields, Del Mar, CA

First off - such an amazing wedding. Every inspiration photo she sent me was my creative style to a tee. She basically let me take the reins with designing and that is always the funniest. With her flowers I didn't have to try. Everything just came out so organically. I will say, the only small stress factor was that the wedding was the weekend before mine.... but hey, a little stress never hurt anybody :)

The arrangements were whites with lots of greens - dahlias, lisianthus, and tons of white roses. For the greens I used a lot of pepperberry and eucalyptus. Pepperberry is one of my favorite greens to work with and the polo fields houses tons of wild pepperberry trees. Using the same greens that are on site of the venue helps to create a very natural look. I loved the buy for this wedding. For some reason the quality of this particular buy was the best I had ever seen thus far.

Day of the wedding always consists of the arch (MY FAVORITE) and setting up tables once they are set by rental. I start with the arch first because the ceremony happens first. Oh how I love creating arches. If I could create a business specializing in arches only, I totally would. It comes very natural for me. Once I completed her arch and aisle arrangements, I finished the ceremony site off by sprinkling white rose petals all along the sides of aisle. It was a dream setting. White everything is my favorite. You can't go wrong. I do love color, but I have a deep love for white.

This wedding was one of my favorites to date. A huge part of it had to do with Stephanie being so relaxed and chill throughout the whole process. The vibe of the wedding and the guests was filled with love and you could feel it. Thank you Stephanie for being such an amazing bride!

You can see all of the photos from this wedding in Stephanie + Drew our wedding drop down!

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