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A VDay Suprise

I do love VDay. Def not my FAVORITE holiday, but I have to love a holiday that is built around pink, hearts and flowers. VDay is a little played out in my opinion.... but I still have a soft spot for it. My husband and I actually go to dinner the night before VDay to miss the crowds. It makes us feel smart. And then we usually order in for the actual holiday. This VDay was a little more special however - our best friend Kristi had just found out that her dad was going through some major health issues - so all of us gals decided that we would pitch in to bring her and her dad some flowers. Hey, what are friends for. It is the least we could do since we knew her heart was hurting so bad for him. I picked up all the pink petals I could find at the flower market and created the babies below. I think it made her VDay just a little more special ;) Update > her dad did get surgery and is recovering very well!

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