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Fur Coats & King Proteas

A local photographer reached out for us to participate in a winter wedding shoot they were putting on. Once again> I love photographers and I love photo shoots. He gave me a quick rundown of their concept:wedding dresses and fur coats - and I was in! They were shooting at the shores of La Jolla the following day so once again it was drop everything you are doing and run to the flower market >> My life story :)

He told me they were looking for a bouquet that had fall colors and non-traditional. I am all about the nontraditional bouquet FYI. I consider a traditional bouquet to be a circle ball that doesn't have any flow to it. I went to the flower market and ended up picking up a ton of hues and textures that I had never worked with before. One being the dark wine/black proteas I found. Proteas are the large cacti looking flowers. They are super trendy right now. The ones I found were pretty small, but you can find huge ones if you’re lucky.

I was so in love with the final product. Can't wait to see more from this shoot!

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