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Miss Miranda Kerr

I happen to know a few boss ladies in the LA area that work in PR. I never knew how valuable that could be for someone in this industry. My girlfriend calls me one day (I'm sitting at my computer) and tells me her company is shooting Miranda Kerr the following day and she needs two flower crowns.... I mean wow. YES, WHEN, HOW, and OMG! So of course I dropped everything for the evening and went straight to the flower market.

For those of you who don't know, Miranda Kerr is a HUGE Victoria's Secret model. She also has her own skin care line Kora Organics which was the reason for the photo shoot and flower crowns.

Basically my girlfriend tells me she needs the flower crowns that night; I'm in San Diego - she's in LA. The Kora Organics team ust wanted two super simple flower crowns. Needless to say I rushed to the max, got in my car and drove to Orange County to meet her half way at 9:30pm just to drive all the way back to San Diego. Totally worth it.

It's so funny the things we will do for a little exposure. I mean honestly it was 100% possible that I would NEVER even get my hands on these photos. Or even if they did like the crowns, she might not even wear them....

Forward to a few months later >> Miranda posted the ad and I got a photo of her in our flower crown! Pretty effing cool I must say so myself. Thank you Taylor!!!

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