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Berry Hues @ Temecula's Finest

Fall came and went...

Don't get me wrong I love, LOVE spring and summer, but I always miss fall once it's over. It's definitely my busiest time of year. The weather, smell, sunsets, and colors are so romantic. And I love me some berry tones. Which brings me to one of my beautiful fall brides Shawna; she wanted berry tones and I couldn't wait to give them to her. From the beginning Shawna and I had very similar tastes in flowers. Her venue was at the Temecula Oaks Ranch >> extremely beautiful if you’re looking for a Temecula venue!

I absolutely loved my buy for this wedding. The dahlias came in dark wine and fuchsia tones that were stunning. I added pops of reds, creams, oranges and whites that all went together in large gold vases.

The day of the wedding I showed up to the venue and was blown away by how magical the property was. Vineyards, green grass, lakes, and roses roamed the entire venue. I mean honestly, spectacular. Once everything was set, it was time for the ARCH!

I have mentioned before that my favorite thing in the world is creating the arch. I don't know what it is, but I could do it every day. I think I love the on-the-spot, day of creativity that you can never recreate. You always have an arch in mind, but it always comes out differently in the best way possible. I am always in awe of how an arch is transformed. If you are a bride and you’re reading this, GO ALL OUT ON YOUR ARCH. I'm telling you, it is so, so worth it! Once the arch is done, it's a wrap for the day and again, I'm always sad! You work all year with some of these women and it's sad to see a chapter be over -- But I'm always here for the flower crown they are going to need when their baby girl is born :)

Love you Shawna!

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